Unexpected indent error in python


Python’s indentation rules for blocks are strict:

  • The same amount must indent all code in the same block.
  • Blocks can’t be empty (except for docstrings).
    What is an unexpected indent error?

Unexpected indent error in python is caused when there is a mismatched indentation between two blocks of code. This can happen when you are using tabs and spaces together, or if you have misaligned your code.

How to fix an unexpected indent error

One of the most common and frustrating errors when programming in Python is the “indentation error.” An indentation error is when the indentation of a line of code is not at the same level as the code that came before it. This can be caused by forgetting to indent, forgetting to dedent, or by mixing tabs and spaces.

The best way to fix an unexpected indent error is to simply review your code and check all of your indents. Make sure that all of your lines of code are at the same level, and if they are not, fix them so that they are. If you are using a mix of tabs and spaces, try to convert all of your tabs to spaces, or all of your spaces to tabs. This will make your code more consistent and easier to read.


There are four main things to keep in mind when troubleshooting this error:

  1. Check that your indentations are consistent throughout your program. Inconsistent indentations are a common cause of unexpected indent errors.
  2. Make sure that you haven’t accidentally mixed tabs and spaces. Tabs and spaces are not interchangeable, and Python will getting very confused if you try to use them interchangeably.
  3. Check that you haven’t accidentally created a blank line somewhere in your code. Blank lines can sometimes cause unexpected indent errors.
  4. If you’re still having trouble, try posting a question on Stack Overflow or another programming forum. Someone else may be able to spot the problem in your code more easily than you can.

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